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  • Digital Radiography

    Digital radiography is a form of X-ray imaging where digital X-ray sensors are used instead of traditional photographic film. This technology offers several advantages over conventional X-rays, including significantly reduced exposure to radiation, the ability to immediately view images, and enhanced image quality that can be easily adjusted and magnified for better diagnosis and treatment planning. Additionally, digital images can be stored electronically, making them easier to access, share, and integrate into electronic health records.

  • Intraoral Camera

    This is a valuable tool in modern dental practice that enhances patient care in several key ways. It improves patient understanding by allowing you to see what your dentist sees, thereby increasing your involvement and understanding of your treatment. This tool captures highly detailed images of the inside of your mouth, aiding in precision diagnostics by identifying potential issues that may not be visible with traditional examination methods. The intraoral camera aids in documentation, providing a visual history of your dental conditions over time. This feature is crucial for effective long-term dental health management.

  • Air Abrasion Technology

    Air abrasion technology is a valuable tool in dentistry, particularly for working on small tooth surfaces. It efficiently removes minor decay and prepares tooth surfaces for improved bonding by gently targeting the affected areas without affecting the surrounding structure. This method enhances patient comfort as it does not produce the vibration or heat associated with traditional drilling. However, it is important to note that air abrasion does not replace the dental drill for most decay removal tasks but serves as a complementary technique for specific, less invasive applications.

Our Modern Solutions for Perfect Results

  • Epic X Laser

    The Epic X Laser (Diode Laser) is used for a variety of soft tissue procedures and pain therapy in dentistry as well as teeth whitening. It utilizes laser technology to perform precise cuts and treatments on soft tissues in the mouth, such as gums, with minimal invasiveness compared to traditional surgical tools. It not only reduces discomfort during procedures but also speeds up the healing process due to its gentle approach and ability to minimize tissue damage. The Epic X Laser is versatile, allowing us to perform treatments ranging from gum contouring and lesion removal to relief from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain and teeth whitening, all with exact precision and comfort for you, our patient.

  • AIRFLOW Prophylaxis- Guided Biofilm Therapy

    AIRFLOW Prophylaxis is a modern dental cleaning solution which uses a stream of air, water, and fine powder to thoroughly clean teeth, removing stains, plaque, and soft deposits. This method is particularly beneficial for our patients with sensitive teeth and gums as it is often more comfortable than traditional scaling methods. Moreover, AIRFLOW Prophylaxis is very effective in maintaining and improving gum health. It reaches areas that are typically challenging to clean, such as below the gum line and between teeth, helping to further prevent gum disease. This gentle yet thorough cleaning approach makes AIRFLOW Prophylaxis a preferred option for patients seeking a less invasive yet highly efficient solution for maintaining oral health.

  • iTero Intraoral Scanner

    This device revolutionizes how we capture dental impressions by digitally recording precise, detailed images of your mouth in just two to three minutes. The scanner not only simplifies the creation of crowns, bridges, and other dental restorations but also enhances accuracy and fit, offering amazing 3D visualizations of your mouth. The iTero scanner is also the initial step in your Invisalign treatment, assisting us in crafting your new beautiful smile. Say goodbye to the discomfort and mess of traditional mold materials and hello to a smoother, faster, and more comfortable imaging experience!

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